Holly is a Hong Kong based illustrator, designer and writer who is passionate about cultural studies. She has a MSc and BA in Media and Communications (LSE; Goldsmiths, University of London), focusing on the topics of popular culture, subculture and gender.

She works across diverse mediums ranging from illustration to stop-motion video. Her visual works sometimes come along with written stories and poems. e.g. her bedroom project《塵小漫日常》.


Using various metaphors, her works aim to encourage and make people think and smile.


Projects: 原來我, 小市化大, Slow Slow Date, Landmade

Films:《犬ヶ島》directed by Wes Anderson,《紅棗薏米花生》&《妳思故我在》directed by Chu Hoi Ying

Magazines: 旭茉 JESSICA》,《Home Journal

Production House: Singing CicadasPotion Pictures London

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