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Habitus, Social Space and Media Representation:​
​The ‘Romantic’ Contemporary Taiwanese ‘Wenyi Qingnian’ Discourse
in the Local Lifestyle Magazine ‘One Day’ 


(Published Semantic Journal)

‘Wenyi qingnian’, or ‘wenqing’ in short, is a Chinese term which literally means ‘literary-artistic youth’, as wenyi refers to literature and art, and qingnian means youth. Inspired by the lack of empirical research on the relationship between the media and the identity of the contemporary wenqing, the aim of this dissertation is to investigate how the contemporary Taiwanese wenqing are represented by the best-selling local lifestyle magazine, One Day, in relation to the concepts of habitus, social space and media representation. Through a critical discourse analysis of eight media texts relating to the theme of independent café of One Day, the study has addressed [1] in what sense the values of One Day are represented as the values of the contemporary wenqing, [2] in what sense the independent café is represented as a sense of wenqing’s space, [3] to what extent the habitus, or taste and lifestyle, and space of wenqing are constructed by ‘othering’ the mainstream beliefs and lifestyle through the work of media representations, and finally [4] what discourses have been constituted and maintained through the work of the media representations in One Day. Particularly, the analysis found that the magazine has established a legitimate division between the wenqing and metropolitans through the work of representations and discourses, that is, the representation of ‘slow- living’ wenqing – discourse of ‘wenqing-ism’ – is constructed by ‘othering’ the representation of the ‘busy-living’ metropolitans – discourse of ‘metropolitanism’ –, which legitimates and normalises the meanings of ‘wenqing’ within the complex system of power relations.


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